If you’ve made it this far, then this is a trait which you have. You might not think so, but you do. It has taken resilience and fortitude to get to today.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have had any down days during this dark time. That’s normal. I’ve had them, too. It just means that you’ve persisted beyond those dark moments and come out the other side, stronger than you were before.

It also doesn’t mean we don’t still have tough times ahead. We do. But we’ve all shown that we have what it takes to get through those times, and already we’re seeing glimpses of what awaits us on the far side.

Like a hobbit, you’re made of tough stuff. You’re stronger than you think.

You’re resilient.

header image copyright: Matt Fraser, 2020

4 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. Linda Phelps

    I actually found the covid quarantine a chance to see what life would be like without . my usual lifelong habits and passions, and surprisingly, tho I missed my friends, I enjoyed being able to say yes to some opportunities, and no to others. When Covid hit, we already had stopped hosting any open mics, but gotta admit, I don’t miss hauling the band gear, setting up p and taking down , and storing it ll. I also realize that my body has taken a toll, no with arthritic joints in neck and spine. I will mentally spring back, but physically will need to adapt to my new normal. I am blessed to receive social security and medicare now so I’m not as stressed as others. I am thankful that technology is advanced, making it possible to communicate virtually, work without commutes, and shop without leaving home. The answer to resilience is to find the new ways of doing things so we can regain a sense of purpose and peace. Happy New Year. – Linda

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    1. Just so! Opportunities are where one looks for them.

      And yeah, for several months I got pretty sedentary, sitting all day at a desk for work, no gym, etc. So I’m fixing that now, but my joints are definitely creakier than they were pre-COVID.


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