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…heat wave inundates most northern (tribes / communities / cities) today, while in the southern (land / island / continent) fierce storms lash the eastern coast. Storm surge overtopped the inner seawall in Ka-Voniss, flooding the second ring of the city, forcing millions of residents (Li-Estl’s note: this number cannot be right; there are no more than several tens of thousands of Kwakitl in the entire world today) to flee the city and seek higher ground. The (elder / leader / mayor) promised to build a higher wall and install pumps. Elections are in two (unknown).

These unprecedented storms have many Kwakitl questioning their (elders / leaders / government) why more was not done to prepare. (Scholars / scientists) have been warning of increasingly catastrophic weather for many years and now say a runaway cycle has made it too late to reverse course.

“Overuse of (unknown) has had the predictable result of reduction in numbers of (benefits to agriculture / small flying things / insects / pollinators), and that combined with rising heat has led to rapidly advancing (loss of plants / deforestation),” stated Scientist Ti-Anxi. “Forests absorb (unknown), so now we have increased (unknown) in the air, which traps more heat. It is a feedback loop that we can no longer interrupt.”

The (grand elder / chief / prime minister) insists we are experiencing a natural cycle which will return to normal soon, and she urges all to remain calm and follow government directives. “Some people are blaming the Orta,” said Prime Minister Vu-Stee, “but there is no evidence for it.”

The Orta ambassador denies any involvement of his people (Li-Estl’s note: “Orta” is a mythological being, a monster that does not exist, used by parents to frighten children into good behavior), and as a show of good faith has offered to open up more chambers from the Orta region of the (dwelling / habitat / ring) to Kwakitl refugees.

Meanwhile, rising seas have flooded the base for three of the eight elevators under Kwakitl control, rendering them unusable and further stressing public (transport / transit) to the five others. Many are calling upon the Orta to open up access to their four elevators, but Ambassador Choson says this is not possible.

“Please understand,” Choson said in a public statement, “we are doing all we can to assist. However, the Orta elevators are not suitable for Kwakitl to use, as you well know. Orta and Kwakitl have very different (air / breathing / environment) requirements, and it is simply not possible.”

This has led to more outcry and protest. As a result, the Orta have stationed armed guards around the embassy. Clashes have already resulted in one death. There have also been public calls for Prime Minister Vu-Stee to open up the government site atop Ar-Makati (Li-Estl’s note: “Ar-Makati” is a mythological mountain that “touches the sky,” and it is supposed to be the last refuge during the end times). Others have called for Vu-Stee to step down, but the Prime Minister says she must await the outcome of the (audit / investigation) and cannot take any action until it is complete.

“These fears are groundless,” she says. “It strains credulity that small insects could have such an outsize effect upon the world. Are we not better off without the pesky things flying around, biting and stinging? Government scientists assure me that this heat wave is due to a sun spot, and in five more years our weather will return to normal. We don’t know what caused the sun spot. Many have said the Orta caused it with the great (sails / oars / engines) on their ships, but Ambassador Choson assures me this is not so.”

Meanwhile, markets dipped again today, marking the seventeenth day in a row. (Money counters / bankers / economists) blame the drop on a sell-off triggered by (traders / speculators), while banks are urging their customers not to withdraw…


… continued with Where Are They Now?

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