If you’ve been following my blog over the past few years, then you know that besides writing science fiction, I also love sailing.

Or cruising. Or just hanging out at anchor in beautiful places.

Swinging peacefully on the hook is a great place for writing! So, my wife and I spent this past week cruising around a few old favorite spots close to home, chilling out in mostly fantastic weather and just enjoying an overall relaxing time.

And I finished writing two more scenes for The Silence of Ancient Light, so look for the first of those to post soon!


p.s. All photos on this post ©Matt Fraser, 2020 (from this past week’s trip!)


p.p.s This is my first post using WordPress’s new “block editor,” and… I’m struggling a bit! I’m not sure that I like it yet, but I’ll give it a try before giving up and returning to the “classic” editor (which seemed to have more options and more control over formatting, but probably that’s just me being resistant to change).